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“Sometimes ladies want to be understood soo much that they forget to understand men also”

A Ghanaian media personality, Ann Annie, has highlighted some things that women do in relationships which is not good and they must work on.

In a nutshell, she noted that women are mostly selfish in satisfying their emotional needs so much so that they forget about that of their men.

She wrote:

Make efforts for him too. Ask him how his day went. Ask him what went wrong. Love him hard as well. But be patient with him too. Give him the freedom to do the things that he likes.

Do not box him. Do not choke him in the neck. The truth is, if he really loves u, he will never do things to hurt you.

He has a life to live so do not take that away from him. You are not his life, you are just a part of it. Understand that he will never be perfect; at some point he will be inconsistent, sometimes he will be impatient, sometimes it will be hard for him to handle ur mood swings. He gets angry too. His mood changes as well.

Respect his choice and decisions. Give him the respect that he deserves. Like u, he needs ur attention too. He needs reassurance as well that he is the only one for you.

Do not give him a reason to doubt you. And always remember that, there will never be a perfect man. At some point, u will get disappointed and upset bcos he did not become the Man U expected him to be.

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But bcos u love him u accept every bit of him. If he is worth the risk, KEEP HIM. Sometimes we want to be understood soo much that we forget to understand men as well….

ann annie

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