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“My husband has changed towards me ever since I got a job that pays me higher than him” Wife cries

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A confused wife has written to relationship counsellor, Joro Olumofin asking for help about a trouble in her marriage.

The woman says she has secured a job that pays more than that of her husband. And ever since she started working, her husband has changed towards her. He doesn’t allow her to contribute financially in the house.

Read her full message below:

My husband seems insecure
Joro please keep me anonymous.. I have a serious issue right now. I’ve been married for 6years with a son. Honestly my husband has has been great and the sweetest thing that happened to me, a great dad to our son too, he provides for the home 100%..

But something has gone wrong since January this year, since I got a job at an oil servicing company, although with connect from one of my uncle..he has totally changed, obviously I think its because I earn wayyy higher than him, although he didn’t categorically say.

I have tried talking to him about his attitudes towards me but he won’t say anything reasonable..

He doesn’t allow me take any expenses in the house, the last time my son’s school called me that he’s late on fees, I paid, when my hubby returned from his journey and found out, he stepped out that same evening probably to borrow the money and gave me cash that night, I was so embarrassed..even when I suggested we purchased a new duplex at a comfortable location and I had 70% the money, the eyes he looked at me with I almost wished the ground to open and swallow me…

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l’m really tired,l’m loosing my home, he’s no longer as playful and warm as before. He comes home late, if I say anything jokely he sees is as an insult and say it because I feel I have money than him so I want to insult him abi? Haba! My question is, should I just quit this job for peace to reign and return to my former trade? Although it would be disrespectful to my uncle who has helped me..but my husband is a Great guy and I’m loosing him badly… Please I need urgent advice from your followers 

jealous husband

jealous husband jealous husband

What advice do you have to give this woman? Let us know in the comment box below!!!

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