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“Careful how you treat those you meet on your way up” Samini Advices Netizens

Samini took to instagram to share fatherly advice with his fans.

Below is the post

samini_dagaati “Let men continue to believe they are the swiftest just because you decided to not comment or respond to their orchestrated vibes aimed at getting your attention only to use your vulnerability to their advantage … lol. #shortstory
I was once invited to a private party in an apartment building and we needed to use the elevator to the top floor to see the Don. We met a humble unassuming man on the 4th floor as the elevator opened and he looked at us closer for a quick second and said “ wrong floor guys go up one more floor” we said thank you and went up one more floor.
Then everyone was told to wait outside for me to go inside alone to meet the Don. Guess who was the Don … same unassuming guy from 4th floor. Imagine if my egos made me flex or argue on the 4th floor like I knew my way around… LOL.
The man said … here’s some money for you and your boys … then he adds some more cash and says “ you are humble, here’s more “

Moral of the story: careful how you treat those you meet on your way up … you never know who you meet at the very top sometimes .. #blessedsabbath 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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