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6 Funny Pictures you have to look twice before concluding the view

There are some pictures you really need to look at twice before judging on it

1. Dragon dog

This dog have fires coming from his mouth like a dragon but look again it’s just a fire flame up with the dogs mouth opened

2. Magazine face

I Know weird right looks like a girl with the face of a man but no it’s just a face on magazine placed on her face

3. Three Legged girl

A girl with three legs haha look at it again it’s just a vase that she is holding making it look like a third leg

4. Giant bird

I Know a man standing close to a giant bird but that’s not it, it’s just a bird standing Far away the man making the bird look bigger

5. Tomato girl

It looks like she is showing us her butt but it is not look at the picture again you will notice that it just a tomato at the back of the girl

6. Fresh kneels

Swipe away that thought off your head it’s not her front package out but, it’s just her legs raised up while swimming. Drop your thoughts in the reaction box below:

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